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Did You Know We Offer A Full Oil Change Service?


  • Premium WIX Oil Filter
  • Premium Valvoline Oil
  • Full Brake System Inspection - Includes pulling wheels and visually inspecting brakes
  • Check Condition of All Fluids
  • Load Test Battery
  • Test All Fluids
  • Rotate Tires
  • Perform Service Review - Based on manufactures recommendations for your current mileage
  • ASE and Factory Certified Mechanics
  • Digital Inspections - We can easily take pictures of your vehicle and send them to you via text/email to give you a better idea of your vehicle's health!


  • Cheap Oil Filter & Oil - Many places only drain and fill - no other services performed
  • No Brake Inspection or Limited Inspection Due to Vehicle Lift Limitations
  • No Tire Rotation
  • Minimal Inspection - Many fluids are not even tested, like differentials and transfer cases
  • Unable to Perform Many Manufacturer Recommended Services

Rocha’s Automotive Oil Change Club- Your Fifth one is FREE!

Oil Change in Fortuna, CA | Rocha's Automotive Inc.

Rocha’s Automotive is proud to use Valvoline oil with all of its oil change services along with WIX Filters!

The Oil Change Club was formed to encourage our customers to have thier vehicle regularly serviced and inspected which helps avoid major engine repairs and break-downs. It also saves our customers money.

The biggest reason regular oil change services should be scheduled is, while oil does not “wear out”, “break down” or otherwise deteriorate to such an extent it needs to be replaced, oil does become contaminated. Water, acids, burnt fuel, carbon particles, and sludge accumulate over time so that the oil can no longer provide the desired degree of protection for engine components.

According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), the way ‘most drivers’ drive, no driver should go the maximum limits allowed by the engine maker because oil filters can only remove solid particles above a certain size. It cannot remove water, acids, or fuel dilution, all of which pass through the filter just as readily as the oil.

Oil change services are recommended by engine manufacturers at varying intervals and exact mileage for oil change services is difficult to specify. However, all manufacturers agree oil should be changed more often if you do “average” driving, such as lots of stopping and starting, idling, pulling a trailer, driving in dusty conditions, etc.

Our oil of choice, Valvoline, offers an Engine Guarantee! Start using Valvoline before 75,000 miles and Valvoline will guarantee your engine for 300,000 miles. Ask a service advisor or visit www.valvoline.com for more details.