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How To Choose The Right Auto Repair Shop

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with information about your auto repair and to help you choose the right automotive repair company. Over the years we've learned that choosing the right auto repair shop can be confusing. In fact, people have so many misconceptions about auto repair shops that we've decided to offer this consumer information so when you need to select an automotive repair near me  you can make an informed, intelligent decision.

In this report, we'll share with you four costly misconceptions about getting your car repaired and offer a few suggestions to help you save time.

Misconception #1: Most auto repair shops will recommend extra work just to get you to spend more money.
The fact is, any automotive repair shop that doesn't look for potential problems is actually doing you a great disservice. Quality auto repair shops do a multi-point inspection on every car that comes into their automotive repair shop to uncover those inexpensive repairs that may be needed now, before they turn into major expenses later. Something as simple as discovering and then changing a worn belt may save you the danger and embarrassment of breaking down on a busy highway and an expensive towing charge.

Misconception #2: A auto repair shop can give you an accurate price quote over the phone without seeing your car.
NO. You can waste your time calling 20 different automotive repair shops and get 20 different price quotes and chances are every one of them will be wrong. Unless the shop has had a chance to examine or test drive the car in person, there is no way to accurately diagnose your problem and give you an accurate price quote. Beware of any automotive repair shop that is willing to give you a quote over the phone without seeing the car. Most likely they'll tell you a real low price just to get you to set up an appointment. Then they'll probably hit you with a much higher price once you get there.

Misconception #3: All auto repair shops are the same.
No. In fact, there can be a huge difference between auto repair shops. The new car technology requires constant training to keep up with all the changes. It also requires the shop to have the latest diagnostic equipment available. The auto repair shop with the best trained and certified mechanics and most up to date equipment will usually do the best repair for you.

Misconception #4: Your car manufacturer specifies regular maintenance schedules just to get you back into their shop to make more money off of you.
No. Although manufacturers are making cars that last longer and require less overall maintenance, they do require some preventative maintenance. If maintained properly, you can expect your car to go over 100,000 miles without major service. For instance, most engines have timing belts that must be replaced before they wear out and break and cause even more expensive damage.

Advantage to Rocha’s, your independent full-service repair shop.

Why Rocha’s?

  • Experience. Rocha’s has been open since 2006 and most of the employees, Mechanics have been in the industry for 15+ years.
  • Convenience. Rocha’s provides you with a shuttle anywhere in the surrounding Fortuna area.
  • Friendly. As a family-owned auto repair business our staff strives to be personable and courteous.
  • We Care. Rocha’s doesn't just repair vehicles. We're happy to offer advice and have factory maintenance programs available to help prolong the life of your vehicle.
  • Trust: Honesty you expect – a 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating and a ton of 5-Star Reviews
  • Skill: ASE Certified Mechanics – three ASE Certified Master Technicians on staff, one ASE Certified Automotive Technician and two Certified Automotive Consultants. Our service manager is ASE Parts and Service certified.

Our shop is carefully monitored to guarantee it meets their high standards. Every repair comes with a minimum  36 month or 36,000 mile Nationwide parts and labor warranty.

ASE certified technicians and service consultants.The ASE certification is for automobile technicians and service consultants who willingly take a test to demonstrate and proudly wear a symbol that they have exceeded the industry standards. We are proud that all of our service Mechanics and service consultants are ASE certified.

Free shuttle. Life is busy and for your convenience, we offer a free courtesy shuttle in the surrounding Fortuna area.

Always clean and comfortable.For those who would like to come in and wait, we have a clean waiting area with free refreshments, Wi-fi, children's toys, and cable.