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Maintenance Automotive Services

To keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, it requires care other than urgent repairs and regular maintenance. Rocha’s is more than capable of providing any of the following maintenance and services:

  • Complete Fuel System Service
    Recommended every two years or every 30,000 miles. Helps reduce emissions and improve drivability and fuel mileage. Clean throttle body area, use induction system cleaner to clean intake manifold area and intake valves, clean fuel injectors, install fuel additive to clean entire fuel system, remove carbon.
  • Complete Cooling System Service – Recommended every two years or every 30,000 miles (Green), Long Life Coolants can be serviced every 60,000 miles. (Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Gold)
    Check all hoses and belts, pressure test system, check heater, defroster and cooling fan operation, flush and recycle anti-freeze, ensure proper pH balance, check for leaks, road test vehicle. This service reduces buildup of scale which can cause blockage in the cooling system leading to overheating and engine damage.
  • Air Conditioner Service – Recommended seasonally
    A/C performance test, check system pressures, check condenser and radiator cooling fan operation, inspect all A/C components for wear, leaks and proper operation. Evacuat and Recharge the system, check for leaks. R134a additional.
  • Brake Service (front or rear)
    Remove and replace pads or shoes, resurface rotors or drums, inspect brake lines and components, test parking brake. Clean surface contact between hub and rotor by removing rust.  Lubricate caliper slides, and clean the caliper piston.  Replace brake hardware if necessary.
  • Complete Automatic Transmission Service – Recommended every 30,000 miles
    Add flushing cleaner to transmission, completely service all transmission components, replace all transmission fluid, add transmission conditioner, check for leaks.
  • Check Brakes, Clean and Adjust – Recommended yearly or 15,000 miles
    Road test, note pedal height & feel before and after. Remove all wheels and drums. Inspect shoes and pads for wear. Check rotors and drums for excessive heat, check rotor and drum run out. Check brake hardware for proper functioning. Check emergency brake operation. Check hydraulics, clean brake shoes and pads. Adjust shoes. Install and re-torque wheels. Adjust tire pressure, check master cylinder operation & fluid levels. Road test, note brake life percentage on repair order, check fluid condition or contamination.
  • Brake Fluid Service – Recommended every 30,000 miles or two years
    Remove all contaminated or worn fluid from system and ABS Module, bleed air out of system, inspect reservoir and cap, inspect lines and fittings. NOTE: This service may be suggested with a brake service.
  • Power Steering Fluid Service – Recommended every two years or 30,000 miles
    Complete power steering fluid exchange. Install cleaner into reservoir and flush out old fluid and install new fluid. Inspect all components for wear, leaks and proper operation, fortify fluid with power steering condition.
  • Maintenance, Replace Spark Plugs – Recommended as required by manufacturer
    Some vehicles may require Copper (30,000), Platinum (60,000), Double Platinum (90,000), or Iridium Plugs (105,000).  Different mileage intervals are suggested with the type of spark plugs that the manufacturer requires to run efficiently.