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Lights Service in Fortuna, CA

Your vehicle's headlights should brightly illuminate the path in front of your vehicle, so you can get to your destination safely. If your headlights reach a state of replacement, you may struggle to see the roadway when traveling in low light conditions. Everyone knows how important headlights and tail lights are on your everyday drive. Don’t leave your vehicle in the dark with lights that do not illuminate.

Whether your headlight has a crack, and water has seeped into fog up the lenses; or your brake light has an electrical issue causing it to short out, nothing is too difficult for Rocha's Automotive's professional and experienced technicians. We want you safe on the road, so call Rocha's Automotive Inc. or stop in 1550 Alamar Way Fortuna, CA 95540 to have a bulb replacement or any other headlight or tail light repair that you might need!