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Oil Change By Time Versus Miles

Oil Change By Time Versus Mileage


Even when your vehicle is not driving, your engines motor oil goes through chemical changes.  This leads to degradation of the motor oil.  Oxidation is the cause for the concern.  Oxygen molecules and motor oil molecules interact.  This leads to chemical breakdown of the motor oil.  Take a sliced apple, oxygen causes it to brown or exposed metal to rust.  This reduces the motor oils ability to cool, lubricate, and protect your engine.  It also causes damaging sludge and deposits to form.  

Temperature swings cause condensation to form inside your engine, transmission, or differentials.  This leads to water contamination.  Short trips do not allow the water to evaporate and remain in the oil.  All oils need to be serviced regardless of mileage.  Consider having all your fluids serviced before extended periods of non operation.  Used engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, Transmission fluid, and differential fluid trap contaminants that could damage your vehicle over time.